Monday, May 17, 2010

100 Days to Go!

Here are a couple of pics of me from last Friday, at 25 and a half weeks pregnant.

Today it is180 days down, 100 to go, if I go right up to my due date, which I hope I don't :)

My goal is to blog every day until I give birth.

This week marks week 26.

I had a decent run on Saturday, 8 miles. I did it later on in the day so I wouldn't be wiped out for the entire day.  Then I took Sunday off, and today planned to do a shorter run of 5 miles.  Well, that didn't work out as I had planned. I embarked on my run around noon and it was about 73 felt baking on the sidewalk. I know 73 is not that hot, but cut me some slack, I am a fair northerer and this was probably one of the warmest days of the year. I just could NOT get into a rhythm on this run.  I would go a few blocks, my uterus would tighten up with Braxton-Hicks, and I would stop.  I told my doctor about my Braxton-Hicks which come while running sometimes and she didn't seem too concerned about it, other than to suggest I slow down and walk until they subside. I kept on doing this today until I got bored and turned around. I only ended up going 2 miles, which was discouraging to me.

I went home and popped P90X plyometrics into the DVD player and did that. I am glad I can still do such a intense workout, although I do have to modify some of the exercises.

During the rest periods I did some sets of pushups. While I was doing them I flexed my abs and hardly looked pregnant. LOL However, that is not the case when standing up. I feel like I look VERY pregnant, although people keep telling me "oh you're so small."  Well, I FEEL huge. When I am bending over to pick up Macy's toys I feel like my head is going to explode, kind of like the circulation has been cut off to it, if that makes any sense. LOL

I feel sort of discouraged today, like despite my best efforts at diet at exercise, my body is betraying me. I don't know if it's my imagination or not. I just feel... clumsy... and when I walk I feel like I'm waddling.  It doesn't help that I am so short (5'3").

I am very excited for the baby to arrive, just wish I could fast forward these last three months!

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  1. you look great! people say i look small, too. but you know your body and any amount of weight that's more than you used to weigh does make someone feel huge. atleast that's how i feel.
    awesome job for doing plyo! i haven't attempted that one since i've been pregnant. im sticking to the upper body strength ones for now. today i did shoulders&arms :)
    i've noticed that each day i feel different i need to not beat myself up for not doing what i planned (eating/exercise). sometimes baby has other plans for the day :)


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