Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 96

Oops! I forgot to do my post yesterday, and I had JUST pledged to write every day til my due date. Guess I will have to backtrack!

I have noticed that a lot of my postings revolve around food.  It seems harder and harder to "control" what my body is doing. I have a little card from my doctor where they write down your "stats" from each visit... weight, blood pressure, weeks of gestation, height of uterus, etc.  I still have my card from my pregnancy with Macy, and I often compare it to my current card because it gives me motivation to see how I am doing with this pregnancy.  Makes me feel like my hard work is paying off, I guess.

With Macy, I started off 11 pounds heavier than I did with this baby... so at almost 27 weeks, (where I am now) I was up 21 pounds.  As of yesterday when I weighed myself at 26 weeks 3 days, I am up 13 still combined with starting out at a lower weight, I am 19 pounds lighter than I was with Macy when I was 27 weeks! It makes me feel pretty good to look at it that way...

So, my goal is to keep my weight gain under 20 lbs...if possible, but I am trying to be flexible with that because I know all too well how your body can tend to do what it wants, especially at the end of the pregnancy. All I can do is try my best with diet and exercise, and my body will kind of do the rest.

We had a training at work yesterday at a local hotel. They provided some "goodies" for us when we got there (of course nothing I could have). Bagels, muffins, doughnuts....etc.  I'd had a protein drink about an hour earlier, but it didn't seem to stick with me and I was ravenous around mid-morning. I sat there feeling miserable, watching everyone eat their pastries... but I kept thinking about how last weekend I'd eaten a small muffin and a small bag of chips which fueled intense sugar and starch cravings, so I did NOT give in to the temptation.

At lunch, I went and got a small Cobb salad... it was DELICIOUS! They also had some food at the training I could eat, sandwich things without bread, so at least I was no longer starving.

I was proud of myself for making it past the food landmine.  It would've been very easy to just say screw it. I was on track for the rest of the day, too.  Mike usually gets some sort of take-out food on Friday nights. He texted me to see what I wanted but I told him I was eating something from home. He brought home two gyros for himself and ate them both.. then told me he was sick from eating too much. That made me glad I had not done the same!

Food victories today... it's the little things!

I have to run 10 miles today and I am seriously dreading it - the wind is very strong and I could wait til tomorrow, but I want to save Sunday for relaxing! I will give you a full report when I get back!

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