Saturday, May 8, 2010

Almost 25 weeks and food

It's been over two weeks since I have written.  The time is flying by and in just a couple of short weeks I will enter my third trimester of pregnancy (5-26-10).

I am almost 25 weeks. For the most part, things are going well.  I am starting to get really impatient, though. I want to hurry up so the baby can get here. Of course you can't rush these things. She needs to "cook" a while longer!

I think I mentioned that they were not able to get all the measurements they needed at my last doctor appointment. I will be going back Tuesday to repeat the ultrasound. I pray everything is ok.  I am anxious and looking forward to the appointment. I hope baby girl will cooperate so we can get a good look at all her "parts!"

I have been keeping up with my usual exercise routine: running every other day with a long run of 8-10 miles on the weekend, and plyometrics, push ups and Turbo Jam on the off days. I can still flex my abs really well, which is a super weird feat I show to my family. LOL  For example, I will relax my stomach, then say "watch this" and flex my abs... and my belly pretty much goes away. My abs still feel strong, even though my belly is of course growing.

My eating has been on track too... no slip-ups since April 23rd, which was my last post. I haven't had a full-out cheat day in quite a while. I had been planning to make tomorrow (Mother's Day) my next cheat fest, but I have decided against it.  I am not going to overeat, because it makes me feel like crap. I will go out and eat a reasonable meal with my family, and probably a few bites of dessert - but I'm not going to pig out.

Friday night we went out to eat with some friends. I was anxious about the food because it took us a while to find a restaurant that was not packed to the gills with people waiting to eat, so when our food finally came I was ravenous!!! Also we had gone to a Mexican restaurant which of course featured endless baskets of delicious, carb-loaded chips. Well, I didn't eat any chips. I ordered a taco salad, and when it came I was talking so much with our friends that I only ate a few bites! When we got home, I realized I was actually hungry, but I was also exhausted and just wanted to go to bed. So, I made it through the night unscathed.

I had another potential food land mine today, as I was invited to a Pampered Chef party. It was thrown by a good friend I haven't seen in a couple of years. I brought Hailey along with me for reinforcements. My day started by having a protein drink and then running downtown to have my hair cut. Once that was done, I only had time to run home, pick up Hailey and head up to the party.

The hostess had some wonderful goodies there, mammoth muffins from Perkins and delicious bagels with various cream cheeses which her fiance brought from the Twin Cities. I was drooling over them, but knew I couldn't cave in. The Pampered Chef hostess made a scrumptious veggie pizza on one of the baking stones, and I did allow myself two small squares (crust and all) but didn't feel bad about it and felt I did very well avoiding the reeeeally starchy stuff. On the way home, I got a flat tire, right in front of McDonald's...hahaha Hailey and I rolled into McD's to wait for Mike, and of course had to go purchase something while we were waiting. I opted for a sugar-free Vanilla iced coffee... but once I got back to the car with it I realized it was most definitely NOT sugar free. I drink them quite frequently (bad, I know...) and am very accustomed to the taste.  This was clearly the sugar variety. I had a couple of sips and gave the rest to Mike.

As for the rest of the day, I ate the rest of my taco salad from last night (minus the shell of course) and another protein drink. Dinner was grilled vegetables and fish.

Tomorrow will be another opportunity to over eat, but what day isn't???? Sometimes I get SO sick of thinking about food all the time... what to eat, when to eat next, whether I ate too much... ugh. It seems I am even more neurotic in pregnancy!  I have gained about ten pounds so far, but I am only 25 weeks in... so I'm expecting I will max out around 18 pounds.  I can see though how easy it is to slack off and relax the rules.  I also know that if I go crazy and abandon my rules, I am going to be majorly depressed after I have the baby if I were left with a ton of weight to lose. I won't let that happen. NO WAY!

Okay, time to relax for the night and get ready to enjoy Mother's Day tomorrow!

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