Wednesday, July 21, 2010

35 weeks pregnant
About a month to go!!!

I've been having some tremendous pelvic pressure. When I stand up from a sitting position or exert any effort, I feel intense pressure bearing down. Makes me nervous... wondering if the baby is going to stay in there!  People close to me say I've grown a lot in the last month.

It's been unusually warm around here lately.  As you may know, I don't have air conditioning or a house that is conducive to getting a breeze blowing through it, which really sucks.  It's bearable most of the time... but some days in the late afternoon the sun just comes beating in the dining room windows and cranks up the temp in here.  My sleeping has been really poor, so being in a hot house makes it much worse.  Today looks to be in the 80's.  Missing my old friend, the lake breeze.

I'm getting super antsy.  Is it the nesting instinct??? I have to work today and tomorrow... then 4 days next week and I am DONE.  I cannot believe next week is my LAST week.  No one really knows what will become of me in the future, as far as work is concerned.  I have reduced my status officially to "part-time," but it's unclear whether there will be anything PT for me once my FMLA expires in late October.  I am not stressing about it too much.  I am SUPER excited about going back to school in September, and with the demands of that along with a new baby - I will have my plate full :-)

A lot of people are surprised I am going to school full-time this fall - and tell me I am going to be exhausted and overwhelmed. That may be true... but I have a couple of important things going for me!  For one, the exercise piece helps me tremendously.  It gives me energy, motivation and combats sleepiness.  I cannot WAIT to get back to my regular program - and for running to be fun again!  There's an awesome wellness center on campus and I will be spending most of my time there for my classes in Exercise Physiology.  If I am not able to work out prior to school in the morning, I will have breaks throughout the day where I can utilize the facilities.  Plus, there's my awesome husband. He is so helpful and is totally supporting me in my goals. We will take turns getting up in the night like we did before - plus he is working from home for the month of September so I can attend school until the baby is old enough to go to daycare. Annnnnd.... of course I am tremendously excited to study my passion and to charter a new path for myself.  So many wonderful things to look forward to!

I continue running...but it is much more difficult. I was proud of myself for getting a 6-miler in last Sunday.  I can still do the first mile in about 9:15, then I usually slow down to 11 minute miles. That is ok with me.  At least it feels like a workout! (even bending over to pick something up off the floor feels like a workout to me at this point...LOL)  I also take walking breaks when needed and don't feel bad about it.  Sometimes I get those round ligament pains when running, they sorta feel like a sharp stitch in your lower belly and make running almost impossible - so I need to stop and walk until the feeling passes.  In addition to running I do my plyometrics workout on Tuesdays (super modified) and pushups.  While I'm at work I try to take a lot of walking breaks.  I will just get up and walk around... it also gives me an excuse to go outside, hike up the hill and get a cold beverage. LOL  I am going to miss working downtown, it's fun having easy access to all the local businesses and being down where all the action is!

I have a doctor appointment this Friday.  I hope she will check my cervix this time to see if anything is "happening."  I feel like it just MUST be...with all this pressure and weird pains I have been experiencing, but you never know - could just be my own wishful thinking! We will see.  I will keep you updated!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Into the Home Stretch (almost 34 weeks!)

According to my estimated due date, I have 46 days to go.

46 days, that's it!!!  Wonder if she will come early???  My due date is 8-25-10.  Everyone I see tells me how small I am. A lady at work the other day actually said to me, "I sure hope you get a lot bigger before you deliver!"  I thought that was a strange comment. Not sure what she meant by it... maybe that it looks like the baby has a lot of growing to do? I responded, "Well I don't!"  LOL  Who wants to get huge and be more miserable??? At my last dr. appt, the baby was estimated at 4.5 pounds, right on track for growth.  My uterus also measured exactly at the number of weeks it was supposed to.  My other two pregnancies were very similar...I carried sort of "compactly" and my babies were 8 pounds, 1 ounce and 7 pounds, 2 ounces.  I am not worried.

I am pleased with my weight gain, 18 pounds so far.  I checked my weight card from my pregnancy with Macy and right now I weigh 17 pounds less than I did with Macy at this time in the pregnancy. Of course I started out lighter this time also, but I think it makes it a lot easier, especially in the hot summer months - to not weigh so much.  It's been very hot around here this past week - and we don't have air conditioning since we rarely need it. There have been a few VERY uncomfortable sleeping nights.  It won't last, though. Today looks to be a gorgeous beach day!  We're planning to take Macy to build some sand castles. She will love it!

I've kept up my running, although it gets more and more difficult.  I'm proud that I can still run a mile in around 9:15 even at almost 34 weeks pregnant!  I haven't been doing any long runs since the marathon - I usually do them on Saturdays and the weather has been hot the past two weeks so I've skipped it.  I refuse to run more than 5 miles on the  My runs are usually 3-4 miles on the treadmill in the basement where it's cool, with the fan blowing on me.  I gotta do what I can to keep myself cool and comfortable! I also do plyometrics and pushups throughout the week.

I haven't had too many pregnancy symptoms to speak of, although I have a very nasty vericose vein in the back of my leg, just below where my knee bends. I hate it... it looks gross and when I run my hand over it, it feels bumpy. YUCK. I am going to see about having it removed after the baby is born.  Mike says he can't notice it, but I think he's just being nice... No new stretch marks, though...YAY! I have a few old ones from Hailey - but that was 16 years ago and they are very faded and not very conspicuous.  I am fortunate that way : )

Well, time to get ready to hit the beach!