Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 92

I am sleepy this morning.  I am sitting at the dining room table, looking out the window at the fog, and wishing desperately I could go crawl back into bed. 

I am NOT in the mood to do plyometrics this morning, but I have to.  I've got to dig out some motivation and make it happen.  Tuesdays are my plyo day. I am such a creature of habit!

I weighed in yesterday, and I was pleasantly surprised.  I lost a couple of pounds.  After having a couple of weeks where I gained 1.5 or 2, this was a nice change. It's sort of weird not knowing what your body is going to do when someone else has taken it over for a while. Every time I step on the scale I have no idea what to expect.  There are days that I "think" I will be rewarded because I've been "perfect," only to find a gained a couple of pounds... and then days like yesterday where I think "hmmmm I had a few slip-ups over the weekend, let's see how this pans out" and the scale ends up being my friend.

Some days I feel huge, like it's almost impossible to bend over. Yesterday I felt small and compact. It just depends!  I do think I have cut back on my eating because portions that are too large make me feel uncomfortable.  The quarters must be getting cramped in there!

I spent a good portion of yesterday packing up my office. We will be moving to a new location Wed. night/Thurs.  I don't actually have to move anything, just have my stuff boxed up for the movers - which is nice.  I will have my very own office at the new place, which is a brand new building.  Everything is NEW NEW NEW.  I am thrilled to have my own office, I've been waiting 4 years for this.  I guess they're pretty big, too - like 12 X 12.  Can't wait to see.  If it's really that big, I may even be able to do P90X in there...haha  Last night I had my last group session in our old building.  Now, because of the move and Memorial Day, I won't have group for NINE days!  That will be a nice break. Thursday and Friday of this week are set aside for unpacking and getting set up, there will be no clients there.  We will be back up and running June 1.

Ok, enough stalling...time to hit the plyo.  Hey Jack+Alli - thank you for your comments!!!  I do appreciate them... I often wonder if anybody is out there!

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