Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Running at 25 weeks Pregnant

The countdown is on for the marathon...only 38 days away!!!  I love all the excitement that goes along with the weekend festivities... the fitness expo, the speakers, the spaghetti feed, getting up at the crack on dawn on race morning... the pre-race jitters... and of course the thrill of finishing and all the food at the finish line!

I am feeling adequately prepared, although I must say these long runs in pregnancy take a lot more out of me than they used to.  Last season I was kicking out 10-milers no problem.  This year, not so much!

Yesterday I embarked on another 10-mile run.  I usually do them on Saturday, but I had a bunch going on that day, and Sunday was Mother's Day and of course I wanted to relax. So I headed out yesterday morning after having a protein shake and some oatmeal.

The weather was... eh... so-so.  Could've been a lot worse, I guess.  It was about 48 with a wind off the lake, or course, but it was manageble. Last Saturday, the wind was fierce and at times it felt like I was running in place. At least I didn't have to deal with that this week. 

I made it to my turn-around point in about 48 minutes, averaging 9:30 miles. Another thing I should mention is that I stubbed my toe SUPER bad on the edge of the crib right before the run, and it was red, swollen and throbbing! I could still wiggle it, so I don't think it was broken, but holy crap did it hurt.

I took a potty break at the turnaround, didn't waste much time and got right back on my way. Now the wind was at my back...yeah!!! I also had a couple of big hills to run down, which makes the way back seem a lot easier than the way there.  When I had about 2 miles to go, I started to feel pressure in my pelvic area. It didn't alarm me but it was uncomfortable... I will have to ask my doctor about this at my appointment today.  I made it home in almost exactly the same time it took for me to complete the first half.

So, the actual running is not bad... it's the part AFTER. It's like I am useless for the rest of the day!  I am tired, sore and I don't want to do anything!!!  Shortly after I got home, it was time for Macy's nap, so I went and took a very long hot shower, which felt great. If I were smart, I would've then taken a nap... but noooo... I dinked around on the computer instead cleaning off files and pictures, because my computer is running out of space and has been very slow lately.  It needed to be done.

Sitting for about 2 hours and doing that did nothing to help my sore body.  I was stiffer than ever when I tried to get up and walk around! UGH!  My toe was killing me too... and I was afraid of stubbing it again so I put shoes on and that hurt like hell!

I was pretty much a mess... haha and I couldn't wait to go to bed.  I am lucky I had Mike to help me!  Doing the long runs like that kicks my a&#!  Once I finish the half marathon I believe I will stick to shorter runs until after the baby!


  1. awesome job! at 21 weeks i ran a half marathon (just around the neighborhood) on saturday. if i dont stay active i get stiff and sore, too! my little guy must be right on my bladder because i can only run 3-4 miles before i have to stop and use the bathroom!
    good luck with your half!

  2. hey! thanks for your comment! :)
    i am due 9-19! i cant believe how fast the time is going!


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