Monday, August 2, 2010

37 Weeks

37 weeks

Wow...3 weeks or less to go...can you believe it?!?! I thought this time would never come...

I finished work last week and I'm now officially "on leave." It's nice. We did a lot of work in the girls' room last weekend and we're all ready should the lil girl decide to arrive early!

 I was really proud of myself yesterday - went to the gym and ran 5 miles on the treadmill! I think I am a lot more wimpy when I'm by myself. LOL  It is a lot more motivating working out when you have a couple of "cardio queens" on each side of you busting their butts.  I ran at about a 5.8 mile pace and it felt good. Very surprised I can still do that at 37 weeks!

I went to the doc last Friday - she checked me and said my cervix is "very soft" but still not dialated and pretty long. She has limited availability this week, so I will be seeing the nurse practitioner.  I'll see my reg. doc at 38.5 weeks. She ventured to guess I would "still be pregnant then."

I got a terrible leg cramp a few nights ago! I woke up screaming in agony and tried to get out of bed as fast as I could, knowing I could alleviate the pain if I stood up.  I got all tangled up in the sheets and tumbled out of bed!  We have a very high bed, too... but I had a bunch of pillows on the floor so thankfully I didn't hurt myself.  Mike woke up in a panic shouting, "What's wrong?!"  He had terror in his voice! I guess he thought I was going into labor.  As soon as I stood up on my foot, the cramp went away.  However, my calf ached for the entire rest of the day! What a way to wake up!