Thursday, June 3, 2010

83 Days and Counting!

Good morning!

I need to revamp my pledge to write in here EVERY day. I don't think it's going to happen, but I will try to write at least every OTHER day. Progress not perfection, right?

So I am 28 weeks and 2 days today.  Boy oh boy am I getting impatient!!!  I cannot wait for this baby girl to get here.  Dreaming of her... I will have three beautiful girls. I can't believe it.  So much is changing in my life right now.

I weighed myself today. This takes much preparation and worry and I am always nervous with a racing heart when I step on the scale. I hadn't weighed myself in nearly two weeks and was pleasantly surprised to find I had gained only one pound. That brings my weight gain to 15 pounds so far. It is incredible how CAREFUL I am being, how stringent, how scrupulous... keeping food logs, exercising 5 or more days a week, very limited "night eating" - and even with all of this, I am barely able to keep it under control. It is true the body will do what it needs to do while pregnant... you do have some control over it of course.. if you eat like a horse and throw caution to the wind the pounds are going to pile on no doubt - but even if you practice the same habits you did while you were living your "old life," (the non-pregnant one) most people will naturally gain the number of pounds their body requires for the baby.  I think I told you I have my weight chart from my pregnancy with Macy, and I often compare it with my current one.  I wasn't quite as strict with her, although I did run 3 miles every day and ate decent. I do remember eating a lot more "treats" back then...thinking "what the hell, I am pregnant" LOL and when I think of that it kinda blows my mind that I would be that relaxed about weight gain.  Anyway, I started out with Macy 11 pounds heavier than with this baby... so right now I weigh 17 pounds less than I did with Macy at 28 plus weeks. I think that is GREAT primarily for the reason that I am a small person and it's hard to carry around extra pounds.  I really notice the 15 extra pounds on my petitie frame, even though they're mostly in my belly.  I can wear most of my same pants... (they don't button of course, but it's encouraging that the butt and legs still fit...LOL) I just pull the Be Band over the top of them and wear a longer shirt! I haven't bought many maternity clothes... although I did get some cute khaki Liz Lange capris from Target and another pair of black dress pants, also by Liz Lange. I need to get those hemmed.  They fit really well though.  So, overall I feel pretty good in my clothes, which improves my self-esteem. I also feel good when I practice control around food, which I have continued to do all week! Yay me!

I told you we moved into our new office, and there have been lots of delicious goodies around to welcome the clients... cinnamon rolls, cookies, scones, all that delicious sugar, flour and doughy chewiness. I have avoided the breakroom and I've been sticking to my meals brought from home... low carb wraps, hard boiled eggs, berries, nuts and string cheese.  Well, yesterday I saw those damn cookies again. There were still like 5 of them in a plastic bag. I went back to my office, but kept thinking about how great it would be to sink my teeth into one of those...haha  Around late afternoon, I went back and broke off about one fourth of a cookie and brought it back to my office.  It was so chewy and delicious! I didn't have much... just a few bites... but it addressed my cravings and I didn't need to waste 400 calories on a whole cookie! 

Every day is a battle with food... now that I'm nearing the end of my pregnancy, people will say "this is where you gain the most weight" but I am encouraged to know I only gained 10 lbs from weeks 28-39 with Macy. I can at least do that this time around!

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  1. 15#! that's great! i'm a bit obsessed, too when it comes to food. i've been counting calores and protein intake like a crazy person. but it makes me feel good to know what i'm putting in me & baby, and not just shoveling anything and everything in my mouth!
    good job for getting just enough cookie to satisfy your craving! that shows great control!


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