Saturday, June 12, 2010

29 weeks, 3 days...About 74 days to Go!!!

It's exactly one week til marathon day!!! I am so excited.  I can't believe it's almost here. I was looking at the extended forcast and it said highs in the lower 70's for next Saturday.  That is too warm for me...but it's still a week out so a lot can change, plus if there's a wind off the lake that could mean 50's or 60's.  I will be watching the weather religiously in the coming week!

Today I will complete my last long run before the race.  Mike had to go into work this morning to finish some things up for a meeting he has on Monday, so I will have to wait until he is done with that. I usually like to get my run out of the way in the morning, but not today. I told him jokingly as he was leaving to "enjoy your time at work" because it was going to be considered part of his free time today. LOL  I don't know how many miles I will go today, I'll see how I feel. I am thinking 6-8?

I had my follow-up doctor appointment on Thursday for an ultrasound to make sure growth is ok with little girl #3.  It was pretty neat considering I was told I probably wouldn't have another ultrasound.  Everything measured right on target at 29 weeks and I was so relieved to see that.  Also, the baby  now weighs 3 pounds! I can't believe it.  She is about the size of a loaf of bread!  Plus my amniotic fluid increased as well because the tech found another "pocket" of it she hadn't measured before.  It is supposed to be between 5 and 25 (cc's?) and at my last appointment mine was 11.  (If it gets below 7 they get worried).  This time it measured at 15 so it's all good.

The doctor came in after the ultrasound to talk about the results and said everything looked great. She chuckled and said "I don't know where you put it," meaning when she had measured me the previous day I was only indicating 26 weeks, which was the reason she wanted to check the growth. I felt almost giddy to know the baby's growth is exactly where it should be!

After my appointment, Mike was talking about how his lunch had been terrible and he ended up throwing his salad away because he bit into a rancid cucumber. LOL I suggested going to Taco John's.  Sometimes I like to treat myself with a little "off limits" food after I have an appointment. I usually don't eat much the day prior to the appointment and beforehand I get nervous and cannot I was ravenous.  So we went to TJ's and had a nice lunch...I didn't go overboard but enjoyed every bite.

I continue to strive to seek balance with my food choices.  I have pretty much boycotted the "cheat day" which used to be a full-on food fest that left me sick and sluggish for hours afterwards.  I think I have succeeded in convincing myself that doing this is NOT FUN and not worth it.  The last time I ate myself sick was 5-15-10. I don't even think I wrote about it - that's how awful it was. LOL  Mike and I went to a seasonal burger place and I went crazy with fried fish, onion rings and ice cream.  It was good at first, but I kept on eating.  When I got home hours later, I took my blood sugar and it was STILL 148. It stayed elevated for like 6-7 hours, that's how long it took my body to process all that food... and thinking about that really sickened me.

So, I've been trying to just practice moderation and allow myself a little bit here and there, like on the weekends, but to maintain control and stop before I am full.  It's been working so far. Last weekend, Mike bought Oreos (damn him!) which I love and cannot resist... well we've had the package for a week and I've only eaten 3 cookies, so I feel like that's a victory!

Also Hailey and I went to DQ yesterday - she left on a week-long trip this morning so we spent some time alone together yesterday. We went to see my new office and then on the way home we stopped for ice cream. I had a small cone... reasonable. In the past, I would think "screw it, I'm getting a Peanut Buster Parfait or a large Blizzard." Well, I am teaching my brain to be satisfied with less and it works. I had the cone and two hours later my blood sugar was only 119 so I was surprised it didn't do much damage!

That's about it on the food front. It's another gloomy day here in Duluth.  I think when Macy wakes up we're going to bust out the Play-Doh and do some indoor crafts. Have a great day!  

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