Thursday, June 10, 2010

76 (or so) Days to Go

I went to the doctor yesterday (29 weeks) and found out I am anemic. I wasn't surprised as I have been CRAVING ice big time for the past few weeks and chomping on it constantly... this was a symptom I had with both of my previous kids and it always happened around the end of the pregnancy.  Apparently the baby is a parasite who is sucking all the red blood cells out of

I sheepishly told my doctor I am "not very good" about taking my vitamins.  Not very good = hardly ever.  Yeah, I know that is poor but I try REALLY HARD to get all of my nutrition through food sources, and I THOUGHT I was doing a good job of it.  Hmmm... I don't like the prenatals because they make me gag, upset my stomach and, well, then there's that constipation thing.  I tried to be good about them in the early weeks of pregnancy but have since fallen off the wagon.

The doctor asked if I could tolerate a Flintstones chewable and I was pretty sure I could... so she told me to eat 2-3 of those per day.  If I can get my iron levels up I am sure it will help me in the marathon.  I'm actually surprised I haven't felt worse while exercising, but really it hasn't been too bad. As long as I'm on a relatively flat surface I seem to be ok.  Stairs are another story. I get seriously winded and out of breath climbing stairs and I sometimes have to take breaks. Makes me feel like I weigh about 300  Other symptoms I've had include weakness, racing heart from doing minimal activity...and the main one, as I tell Mike, "it feels like it takes a huge effort to do just about anything these days."  Hoping the iron will help.

What else.  Well, my blood pressure was 90/58, that's always good.  She checked my cervix and said it was "long, hard and closed," no signs of preterm labor. 

I asked her about anesthesia, specifically if I could request a certain person. I had a terrible experience with my epidural when having Macy and had to be poked in the back probably eight times before the doctor THOUGHT he got it in.  He then went away and I continued to have excruciating contractions. I'd had an epidural also with Hailey, so I knew what to expect - and that was not it.  After about an hour of worsening pain, they called a different anethesiologist in... the nurse later told me the line from the first doctor's attempt was not even in my back when they removed the gauze.  The new guy did a great job and had me set up in no time. He said I had a curve in my spine which made it more difficult to find the space to insert the needle. Anyway, my doctor told me that first guy has since retired.  I am glad!! I don't want any more run-ins with him.

My doctor said I could probably request a specific doctor to perform the epidural "since you're going to be scheduled anyway." I am not sure what she meant by that.  Scheduled? Did she have me confused with someone else?  She didn't have her computer with her and was unable to pull up her charts... but I hope she didn't think "scheduled" as in she thinks I am having a c-section...because all of my births have been vaginal and I want to keep it that way.   I will have to ask her about that today. Oh yeah, when she measured me she said I haven't changed much since the last visit.  I can't believe it, because I feel much larger and everyone says they can really tell now. She also said it may be just the way the baby is laying, but she wanted to order another ultrasound to make sure the growth is okay. It doesn't freak me out too much because I carried small with Macy and Hailey too.  I just don't get how they can do this little measurement with a tape of your belly and that is supposed to tell them how growth is progressing. Weird. Well, I will have the ultrasound later this afternoon so I will let you know how it goes.

Only 9 days til the marathon...yikes... the weather has been cool and rainy around here lately, although the upcoming weekend looks decent.  I am very anxious about the weather. Like I keep saying, it was really hot last year.  It seems that weekend is when our summer has been starting for the past 3 years.  I am hoping for a lake breeze...even fog...

Well, off to do my morning run.  The past couple of days I've been able to do a 9:30 pace for the first mile and then 11 minute miles thereafter - not too bad.  This will all be contingent upon the weather on race day of course... and those pesky iron levels!

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  1. here's a food blog that i often read. she's pregnant and recently posted about having low iron levels. you might find some of the suggestions helpful-

    good luck!


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