Sunday, June 6, 2010

80 Days to Go

Today I start the 29th week.  I will have a doctor appointment on Wednesday and I'm looking forward to that because she had to cancel on me last week due to being in surgery all day.  After this appointment, I believe I will start going to the doc every two weeks...then it's every week once I hit 36 weeks.

I look at my calendar every night and count days to specific things I am looking forward to.  My due date, of course, the time I will go on leave from work, the marathon, summer events, things like that.

Yesterday, I told Mike I was going to start telling people my due date is 8-9-10. I will be 38 weeks on 8-9-10...and that way, I can say it's just a couple of months from now. Maybe that will keep people from saying "WOW YOU'RE GOING TO BE PREGNANT THE WHOLE SUMMER!" LOL

Yesterday, I completed my last long run prior to race day, which is June 19. I did 8 miles and it wasn't too bad. As usual, it took me 1.5-2 miles to "get into it," and after that it was tolerable, but never really all that fun or enjoyable.  It's a chore, it's work.  However, I feel that it's important that I continue with my running.  I was pretty slow on this run, but I've just accepted that I'm going to be a lot slower and try not to beat myself up about it.  I'm just happy I'm still able to do it - even though my "running" is more like a trot these days! After the run I wasn't feeling too bad - seems I can handle 8 miles fairly well. It's the 10-11 milers that really take a toll on my body.   I did get a weird cramp in my lower back when I only had about a half mile to go - it hurt pretty bad and I spent that last half mile alternating running and walking.  I don't know where the pain came from, but it went away pretty fast once I reached my house. After I got back home, Hailey needed a ride to a grad party and Mike was laying Pips down for a nap and wanted to hit the gym. After I brought Hailey to her party, I came back home and went onto the computer for a while. I suddenly got very sleepy and my eyes kept closing so I thought "I'll just lay down on the couch for a while."  I closed my eyes, and next thing I knew Mike was coming home from the gym and I was late to pick Hailey up from the party. A half hour had passed and I felt like I'd just closed my eyes!  Guess I needed that little nap.

Next week, the run will be 7 miles... then the week prior to the race is pretty laid back with only a few 3-4 mile runs.  Mike asked me last night how I was feeling about the race.  I told him I am feeling ok but worried about a couple of things... if it's hot it's going to be VERY hard for me... it was terribly hot last year and I was miserable plus I wasn't even pregnant! My time was 1:52 last year for the half which I was very proud of - I have accepted I will be nowhere near that mark for this time around! Mike keeps trying to tell me he doesn't care how slow I am - but I'm nervous about how he will handle it since he is such a competitor and has been doing great in his own training this season. I have told him several times I would be just fine with it if he wanted to go off on his own in the race and push himself to a personal best, but he refuses. He says this is "our thing" and he isn't going to leave me behind.

I know I will make it... I guess part of me REALLY doesn't want some horribly embarrassing time... I mean come on... I can at least come in under 3 hours, right?

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  1. 1:52 is a great non-preg half marathon time! my fastest was like 2:07. you'll do great!
    i swear we are like on the same schedule! i usually do 10 mile runs on sat, but decided to do 8 yesterday :) i felt much better and completely agree it'ss the 10+ miles that really do something to my body. i felt so great yesterday! but i was up at 4 in the morning so i got super tired later and laid down at 6:30 last night for what i thought would be a quicky nap but i didnt wake up until 10:30 when my husband walked in our room! i guess i was tired! haha-then i ate some 'dinner' and went back to bed!


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