Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Temptation, Running and Rewards - 19 weeks pregnant tomorrow!

Every day, food and I have a showdown, sometimes many showdowns.

It's a constant battle to say "no" to the bad foods that surround me (because they are EVERYWHERE) and it is VERY challenging to stick to my sugar-free/low-carb plan.

Sunday at church, Mike and I went into the gathering area between the two services. I was hungry, but of course, I KNEW there wouldn't be anything I could eat there. I mean, how likely is it that I'd find a plate of veggies and dip, maybe some cheese slices or a tray of deviled eggs sitting there?  Noooo... I was greeted by pink cupcakes adorned with sprinkles, huge chocolate chip cookies, coffee cake and some kind of bread everyone was raving about. Mike opted for a pink cupcake and a piece of coffee cake.  I wished I had thrown some string cheese and almonds in my purse that morning!

So I sat there having my little inner dialogue... eyeing the pink cupcake.  A couple of things that always stick out in my mind at times like this... "Would you rather have the pain of deprivation or the pain of regret???" And, a quote from my Facebook friend and low-carb guru Sugar Free Sheila, "Would you rather have a hot fudge sundae or a hot body?"

I ignored the pink cupcake, knowing it would only bring me a few minutes of satisfaction and then the customary sugar crash followed by regret/depression. A bit extreme, but really...it's pretty much like that.

Yesterday I was struggling with food cravings quite a bit, but did not give in. I kept thinking about brownies, hot fudge and sugar, sugar, sugar.  Candy and cookies abounded at work. Some of you are probably thinking, "ah, what the hell, have a brownie. What can it hurt???"  Well, apparently it can hurt a lot. I've tried doing "cheat days" and it appears I cannot control myself and end up WAY overdoing it.  If I could find a way to "cheat" in moderation, I just may do it... but so far my cheat days have ended in severe stomach upset, headaches and depression.

I know I feel so much better when I avoid sugar and junk carbs. I am more stable and have more energy. I also know that my attention to diet is the reason why I've only gained 5 lbs. at 19 weeks pregnant. By not letting myself get out of shape now, I am going to be REALLY thankful after the baby comes and I don't have a bunch of weight to lose!

Well, I made it through my long run this past Saturday! I did 8 miles and it had been probably a month or more since I've run that far. It wasn't too bad but the last mile was tough and I had to walk a few times, but I made it through. Wow, was I sore the next day! I reeeeeallly felt it.  I just need to keep it up now, I am in a good position for my upcoming races. Maybe ten miles this coming weekend?

So every day is a battle with food - I'm sure today will be no different - but the rewards are great and I am always glad when I stay strong and don't give in!

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  1. great, honest post! i go overboard, too, when i allow myself cheat days....that's the reason i dont do them either. i do enjoy a frozen yogurt though, as a treat :)


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