Saturday, March 27, 2010

Running and Pregnancy (and some of the annoying things people say to me..LOL)

One of the most frequent questions I get from people, now that I am pregnant... is "You're not RUNNING anymore, are you?"

Well, yes... yes I am.  Next question? 

"You'll have to stop soon though, right?"

Nope.  Don't plan to.

"You're going to run the WHOLE TIME?  Isn't that bad for the baby?"

Actually, no.  It's surprisingly good for the baby. (now comes the educational component).  "Did you know that mothers who run or exercise regularly create bigger placentas, which means more efficient oxygen and nutrition transmission to the developing baby?  Not only that, regular exercise prevents unnecessary weight gain, lowers stress, keeps the baby from being overfat and overdue AND...(get this) even creates a SMARTER BABY!  That's right.  Pregnant rats who exercised had babies with 40% more brain cells in the hippocampus than their non-exercising counterparts."

They will usually shut up at that point. LOL

A pretty good case for lacing up the running shoes, I would say!

The only thing more annoying than being asked if I can still run, is this question:

"How are you FEELING?"  This question is usually delivered by well-meaning persons who have not seen me in a long time, however know I am pregnant.  This question always makes me feel as if I have been recently diagnosed with some rare, incurable disease, or that I just recovered from surgery or a nervous breakdown.  I always respond "GREAT!"  with intense enthusiasm of course, and it seems the person asking the question is a little taken aback by this because they may expect me to say something like : " back is killing me, can't sleep at night, I'm a slave to my cravings for pickles and ice cream, I'm retaining 1,298 pounds of water weight..." ETC.  All the cliches.  Oh wait!!! I just thought of another thing people often say:

"So when are you due?"

Me: "August."

Person develops a sympathetic, pained expression.  "Oh geez.  You're going to be pregnant for the WHOLE SUMMER."

Thanks for reminding me. I was aware of that. However, if this summer is anything like last year (and I hope it isn't) I will be wearing sweatshirts and mittens well into August and may not even have to worry about making Mike install an air conditioner.

All kidding aside, I do appreciate the comments of well-meaning folks caring enough to ask how I am doing. I also understand it is strange for some people to accept that women can remain fit and active throughout their pregnancies because for so many decades the long-standing belief has been pregnant women are delicate, should rest and not exert themselves and should not do anything stressful on their bodies.  Of course, this has changed somewhat in recent years, but we still have a long way to go. I remember getting some VERY strange looks when I was one week away from my due date with Macy, jogging down the street at 9 months pregnant. 

I am a little nervous this morning as I am headed out on a long run and haven't done one in probably a month! The weather just has not cooperated with me on the weekends and I will NOT run more than 5 miles on the treadmill.  So today I will do eight miles outside. It looks a little like rain, but at least the temperature has warmed up.  I am not sure what to wear and will likely end up sweating and peeling off layers after the first couple of miles. Wish me luck!!

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