Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fit Pregnancy Continues...

I need to get better about writing in this blog. But it's hard when I have no followers. LOL So if you are so inclined, please subscribe! I am writing about my pregnancy, diet and quest to stay fit for the entire nine months and beyond.

Today I am 17 weeks, 4 days.  122 days down, 158 to go according to Babiesonline.  Yesterday, I started thinking it would be cool to give birth on 8-9-10 so I am going to make that my new due date. haha. Think I can "will" it to happen through the power of positive thinking???  We'll see! I would be 38 weeks then and the baby would be full term. Plus, it would be a cool birthday to have! My book "Execising Through Your Pregnancy" says statistically women who exercise deliver slightly earlier - between 37-39 weeks - however the babies are still healthy and full term. He (the doctor who wrote the book) believes when the baby "cooks" for longer than that, often times it just creates an overfat baby and is not necessary for development. Exercising moms usually gave birth to 7 pound (average size) babies.  I exercised all through the pregnancy with Macy but only gave birth 2 days before my due date, so we will see! She weighed 7 lbs, 2 oz.  If I can avoid going "over," my due date, that would make me very happy!

Up until yesterday, I thought I was doing pretty great with my weight gain. I was only up 5 pounds and feeling really good about that. I have been following a whole foods diet (trying to, far I have had 2.5 cheat days but I guess that's not too bad for the past 4.5 months!) However, when I weighed myself yesterday, I had jumped up a few pounds in just one week. I read that week 17 is a week of "rapid growth" for the baby and also when it starts putting on fat deposits, so that may have something to do with it.  I am going to get on the scale again this morning to see if it's a fluke. YES I KNOW pregnancy is not a time to "diet" (believe me, I'm not - just making healthy choices), and I am very aware I am going to gain weight, but when I see a jump practically overnight, it does freak me out. I can't help it. It irritates me too because I have been so careful...turning down goodies (that seem to be everywhere) and working out diligently.  But in the end I know there is only so much I can do.  The baby takes over your body in a way.  That's how it feels to me, anyway.  You can do your best with diet and exercise, but in the end it seems your body will put on what it needs to.  So I am trying to accept that but it's hard for a control freak like me who usually has a tight hold on my weight and keeps it within a very narrow window.  You know, sometimes I wish I could just say "screw it," eat whatever I want and not feel bad about it... but then I would probably end up gaining 60 pounds and would feel terrible about myself.  So I guess this is what I have to do...

I am very excited for the baby, but wish I could just speed up this whole pregnancy thing. Yes, I do a daily countdown. haha. I know some women LOVE being pregnant, but I am not one of them. Of course there are wonderful things that you experience... such as feeling the baby move, getting to watch it on the ultrasound...watching your belly grow and knowing there's a little person in there... but getting up to pee 12 times per night, being constantly ravenous, having headaches, feeling exhausted and having other unpleasant things I won't mention happen to your body is NOT FUN. Can't wait for August to get here!   I do feel a lot better now that it's almost the middle of the second trimester, but I STILL get a headache almost every afternoon. Not a terrible migraine or anything - just an annoying, pounding head... AND I get up to pee every night at 2 & 4 a.m. just like clockwork. Last night when I got home from work, I was so damn tired... Macy and I were sitting on the couch writing on her drawing pad.  I leaned my head back and dozed off. LOL!  Of course she wouldn't let that happen for long and I was jolted awake within about two minutes. I could not wait for bedtime last night!

Ok, just weighed myself and the scale is my friend this morning.  I dropped 3 pounds overnight, so I must have been retaining water yesterday. That would explain why I was peeing and peeing all day long. LOL Peeing is such an inconvenience, don't you think? haha. Anyway, that brings my total weight gain to 6 pounds. Yay for me!

Lately I have been feeling the baby move (I think) but it's still hard to tell if it's the baby or something else. I am thinking those movements should get more regular pretty soon!  I have an appointment for my 18 week check-up this Wednesday. I will let you know what I find out!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am hoping to clean and organize in the house some more and do some "nesting!"

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  1. Thought I would drop by and see how you are. I know you are avid about your staying in shape while being pregnant. I think it's great that you do what you can. My poor DIL that's preg with the twins, it's all she can do to go to work (she's a home health nurse) and come home to her 13 & 2 yr old. I am a little worried about her. At her last check up they were the same size as single birth babies. At that rate, she's going to have some BIG babies for twins. Anyway, try to enjoy your pregnancy.A little anyway. LOL
    Barb (*queenb)


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