Sunday, February 28, 2010

Marathon Running While Pregnant

Although I ran all throughout my last pregnancy, up until the day before I went into labor, I didn't do any COMPETITIVE running during the pregnancy, and I was bummed about that!

My niece and I were pregnant at the same time in 2008. I was due 4-27-08 and I believe she was due 5-1-08.  I opted to not run my annual Fitger's 5K, thinking it was too close to my due date. My niece ran it though...9 months pregnant, and looked like a rockstar! I was

For the rest of the day I lamented to my husband... "I should've run it..." I even went to the gym that day and ran a 5K on the treadmill as hard as I could to try and make myself feel better...but somehow it was just not the same.

I did run my annual Grandma's half marathon that June, about 6 weeks post-baby. It was a hot day and pretty tough, but I made it through...feeling pretty good that I was only 6 weeks post partum!

Well, I just finished registering for two upcoming races...Fitger's 5K on April 17th and the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon on June 19th.  I'm already "in" for Fitger's, but Grandma's is a lottery where they select 5,000 runners. I got a message saying I would be notified by March 4th about whether I got in.

At the time of Fitger's, I will be about 22 weeks pregnant...which won't be such a big deal...but I am a competitive person and I won't be able to do it "just for fun." I will push myself, I know it...but at least my belly will still be somewhat manageable.

For the half, I will be seven months pregnant! Gulp. Seriously, that makes me a little nervous! Not sure how competitive I will be at 7 months preggo...

I know I am not the first or only person who has run a marathon while pregnant... but the unknowns make me a little apprehensive.  Thankfully, my ever-supportive hubby will be by my side. He is even more competitive than I am...and I just have this feeling it will KILL him to be slogging beside his pregnant wife...hahaha I keep telling him he could go off on his own, perhaps beat our personal record of 1:52 from last year!  He says no, no... "we're going to do it together, we always do it together."

I am seriously hoping it won't be 80 degrees like it has been for the past few years! 

It will be really cool to say I did it though, huh?

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