Friday, April 9, 2010

Revised "Cheat" Day

Well, it's starting to happen again.

I'm getting that "itch," that thing where I find myself daydreaming about food that is not on my plan at all times and feeling resentful because "everyone else" gets to eat what they want.

I've tried satisfying it in various ways, working around it, trying to cheat without REALLY cheating... and it's not working.  So it's time.

I haven't had a "free day" in FIVE WEEKS.  The day I had my amnio was the last time, and that was one of the days where I ate myself sick with chee-tos and ice cream sandwiches.

So, it's that time again!  However THIS time, I am going to attempt a "revised" cheat day.  A day where I allow myself a few things, but I do not eat myself into a food coma.

Last night, my mind kept wandering to food.  What did I want??? A creamy, frosty Oreo cookie Blizzard?  Dairy Queen fish sandwich with onion rings?  To ravage my Easter basket, which thus far has been virtually untouched?

I did my tactic of "thinking the food through."  I imagined a full-on pig out day and what it would do to me. Sick, depressed, barfy.  I don't want that.

Ok, how could I do it better?  I stopped off at the grocery store and perused the ice cream section, because something cool, rich and creamy that sits in a freezer has been on my mind a lot lately.  I bought some sugar free fudge bars and also some No Sugar Added Klondike bars.  I feel it's more manageable than the scary half gallon where the serving size is a half cup.  Who the hell eats a half cup of ice cream???

Then I stopped off at the frozen fish section.  Some of you probably think fish sticks are gross, but I've been hankering for them for weeks now.  LOL  I checked all the boxes for carbs and sugar in the breading.  Not horrible.  In the end, I decided on some breaded popcorn shrimp.  I decided I could bake them in the least a little better than fast food fish!

I woke up ravenous this morning.  I ate my usual breakfast of a protein drink with 1/2 tbs. peanut butter and then had some Special K Pure Protein cereal. I have been experimenting with it (it has 9 grams net carbs and no sugar) but I don't think I will buy more because it is like any other cereal to me - I just want more and more. It is made of wheat and oat bran and I actually like the taste even though most people would probably say it tastes like sawdust... or particle board... haha.  I ate it yesterday morning (3 servings... a serving is 3/4 cup) along with my protein drink (cereal was 300 calories and 27 net carbs... when I put a 3/4 cup in the bowl alone it was pathetic...LMAO) and this meal kept me full for SIX HOURS.

So after my breakfast of cereal and protein drink, I dug into my Easter basket and had 2 mini peanut butter eggs (180 cals, 18 carbs) and a section of Dove dark chocolate (200 cals, 9 net carbs).

I'm sitting here typing this, and feeling a little ill... and it's only 7:45. HAHA!

We will see what the rest of the day brings.  I am planning on doing a long run of 8-10 miles tomorrow, so  I am sure I can't do TOO much damage. I will let you know how "revised" cheat day goes!

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  1. Cheat days can be a little scary! It always makesme anxious LOL


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