Saturday, February 27, 2010

Food Hangover

I woke up today with a food hangover.

Since I quit drinking going on seven years ago, I have not had a traditional "hangover" in a loooong time, but when I veer off my food plan, I CERTAINLY feel it. Headache, nausea, bloated, sluggish, guilty and depressed. FUN TIMES.

Pips woke us up at 8:15...and even though I'd been sleeping for 9+ hours, I felt like I didn't want to wake up. (another sign of depression!) Mike dragged himself out of bed and started tending to Pips. He came back into the bedroom to look at me, still rolling around under the covers. "I'm depressed," I moaned.

"What are you going to do?" he asked, curiously. I thought his response was kind of funny so I rambled, "I don't know...slit my wrists...check into Miller Dwan..." Finally I sat up in bed and told him, "I'm going running."

He looked relieved.

I knew the only cure for my food hangover was some good old fashioned cardio. I had plenty of sugar and glycogen stores to use up, AND I desperately needed to reboot my brain.

I got myself dressed in my running gear, checked the temp (37 already), and downed a protein drink. No carbs for me today!

I headed out at ten a.m...started out slow, then gradually picked up the pace. The sun felt warm and the breeze was lovely. I purposely DIDN'T bring my iPod, which is scary for me, especially on a long run when I could potentially get very, very bored...however I wanted to force my brain to just THINK without any distractions.

I covered mile upon mile at a moderately brisk pace, and the more I ran, the more I thought and the better I felt.

At the halfway point, I stopped to admire a view of the bay and deeply breathe in a few lungfuls of the crisp air. I headed back home for the second half of the run and again turned to my thoughts. I mulled over my future and came up with several ideas for avenues I plan to pursue. I wished I'd brought a little memo book with me so I could jot down my ideas. Next time!

I arrived back at my house about an hour and fifteen minutes later, after covering eight miles. I actually wanted to keep going, but Mike had an appointment with his personal trainer and I had to get home.

Back in the house, I took a shower and felt exhilirated. The food hangover was gone!

I may have to rethink these "cheat" days. Next time, I may have to make it simply a cheat MEAL, and not a whole day!

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