Saturday, July 23, 2011

Change is GOOOOOD

Hello everyone!! Yes, I am still here. Getting ready for some exciting changes and a new chapter in my life.

I have decided to cease to be a Beachbody coach.  After 2.5 years, this was a tough decision and I thought about it a lot. I will continue to speak highly of the company and to recommend their products. The coaching part just wasn't for me.

I love the Beachbody programs and products, and I will continue to use my Beachbody fitness DVDs  --especially P90X and Turbo jam (old school version, yes, it gets the job as they have become part of my life.  What I am tired of, is trying to sell people things, trying to convince them that they need a shake or a special DVD to lose weight and to be healthy. For those who are looking for a jump start, supplemental tool, support - etc. it's all good... I think Beachbody does great things...has helped many people, and will continue to do so.

In my opinion, nutritional supplements and "the next great workout" are wonderful tools which can definitely help people lose weight, increase motivation, break through a plateau or kickstart a program. The problem I always struggle with in my mind, though, is "can you keep affording this product for the rest of your life." If you just buy P90X, of course you don't need to "keep buying it," but everytime I would get a program, they'd come out with a new one... and I would think, "what was wrong with the one I had?" LOL Same deal with my iPod and Blackberry.. I'm always behind the new technology!  I have all the admiration in the world for great salespeople, as well as anyone who is great at what they do or shares their passion with others.  There is also great income to be made if you work for it.  I am all about people living their lives by doing what makes them happy.

However, I know many people I encounter cannot afford these products or programs, yet they deperately need to lose weight, improve cardiovascular health or just improve their exercise capacity so they can do simple activities of daily living.  Many of the people I work with are on a limited income, are the working poor, are receiving assistance or are trying to put food on the table and may be doing so with quick and cheap convenience foods because they think it is saving money -- when really it is causing disease and increased health care costs in the long run.  That is why I want to make health accessible to everyone, and will now use my blog to offer helpful tips and simple exercise strategies which are available to virtually everyone.

So, my goal is to help anyone and everyone through this blog and my videos -- free of charge -- through my personal, academic and professional knowledge of exercise science, fitness, diet, stress management and related topics.  I'm not trying to sell you a thing -- except maybe a new lease on life! 

It became clear to me the other day when that stranger paid for my order.. this is my way of paying it forward to everyone.

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